We kindly ask all participants of the MMC 2024 to read the following declaration carefully, to print out the PDF version and to hand in a signed copy at the registration counter on the day of the race.

Liability Waiver

As a participant of the MAIN-METROPOLITAN-CUP FRANKFURT, I waive any liability claims and claims against the organiser (Frankfurter Kanuverein v. 1913 e.V.), the city of Frankfurt am Main, the security teams and all helpers, any sponsor, co-sponsor, their representatives, agents or any successor organisations. This relates in particular to material damage, injury or death that may result from my participation in this event.

I am aware, that I will paddle in an only partially controlled environment, on inland waterways with commercial shipping, and that injuries or death may occur due to unforeseeable circumstances.

I hereby confirm that I am physically able to take part in this race. I acknowledge that the organiser and the security staff recommend wearing a PFD. As a participant, I am responsible for my own safety.

I am aware that the event will be documented by various media (film, sound and photo) and may be published. I unreservedly agree to the use of any media in which I appear (in picture and/or sound) by the organiser. These can be used commercially or for any other purpose.

Participants under the age of 18 are required to wear a PFD during the race and must hand in a declaration of consent signed by a parent or legal guardian with their registration documents.

Liability Waiver (PDF version)

Please download and print out the liability waiver and hand in a signed copy at the registration counter on the day of the race. Thank you very much!