Race Classes

Women/Men: The entire crew must consist of only women or only men respectively.
Mixed: An OC2 crew with one female and one male paddler; an OC6 crew with at least two female paddlers.
Open: All other teams.

If there are less than three participating teams in any one class, they will be classified as Open.


All persons aged 18 years and over are eligible to participate. Participants under the age of 18 must submit a declaration of consent signed by a parent or legal guardian on the day of the competition. All athletes must declare that they have no physical complaints, have appropriate fitness levels and that they are able to swim. If an athlete is not fit to participate in the event, he/she may be excluded from the race by the organisers or race officials. This also includes noticeably drunk competitors.

Each team will receive a start number at the registration counter and must attach it clearly visible on the right side of their boat’s bow. SUP paddlers have to wear their start number clearly visible on their body. Other stickers that may be issued by the organisers (e.g. sponsor logos) must be fixed to the boat/board.

Boat Classes

Long distance: 15 kmShort distance: 5 km
OC/V-1 with our without rudderSUP
OC/V-2 with or without rudder
OC-6 without rudder
Surf Ski


Athletes must bring along their own equipment and must ensure that it is in a state that does not pose a danger to themselves or other participants. In the event of justifiable and apparent defects the organisers reserve the right to reject competitors and equipment without a refund.

A limited number of boats and boards can be hired from the organisers. Please let us know well in advance if you would like to hire club equipment for the race.

The outrigger (ama) has to be fixed to the left side of the boat. Spray covers are not compulsory but are recommended in case of bad weather and strong winds. The main hull of the OC-6 needs to have a minimum weight of 130 kg. If an OC-6 is significantly lighter, appropriate counterweights must be attached. The organisers reserve the right to check this on site.

Due to commercial shipping near the race track the use of a leash is mandatory. Life vests/PFDs are also mandatory for participants under the age of 18. The event is a non-competitive social race with a distance of 5 km along the Frankfurt skyline (see course map). The idea is to get together, paddle together and promote the SUP sport. Therefore, the event is open to all SUP enthusiasts. All board classes are allowed, men and women are rated separately.

Entry Fees

To minimise waiting times for the registration at the day of the race, we encourage to pay entry fees via bank transfer. Please provide MMC + name of club/type of boat as a reference in the transfer. Account details:

Account details
Account 878898
Bank Frankfurter Sparkasse 1822
BLZ 50050201
IBAN DE52500502010000878898


There are many hotels close to the river and the club’s boathouse, most of them in the 3 star range. If you need help with finding a suitable hotel, let us know when you fill in the registration form or send us an email.

Youth Hostel
There is a centrally located Youth Hostel at the south bank of the river, approximately 2 km from the race venue.

For information please contact:
Haus der Jugend Frankfurt
Deutschherrnufer 12
60594 Frankfurt
Phone: +49 (0)69 61 00 15 0

Space for tents or camper vans can be made available on demand at the Canoeing Club’s camp ground. Please let us know if you are planning to camp when you fill in the registration form or send us an email.